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The Office of the Folketing Hansard

The Office of the Folketing Hansard writes and publishes the official report of the plenary proceedings in the Folketing and has been doing so since the abolishment of the absolute monarchy in 1850. Up until 2009 the report was published in a printed version, but today it is completely digital and published solely on the internet.

Main tasks

The official report

Writing the official report of the plenary proceedings is the main task of the Office of the Folketing Hansard. The report is verbatim, but slightly edited according to these four general editing guidelines made by the Presidium of the Danish Parliament:

  • The spoken language is adapted into a colloquial and syntactically coherent written language with a liberal approach to what is deemed correct language.
  • The editing is done carefully to ensure that the intentions of the speaker are clear.
  • Factual errors and slips of the tongue are corrected.
  • The appropriate formal requirement rules are observed.

Two editions of the report

The first edition of the official report is produced and published consecutively during the sitting. Usually, the complete first edition of the report of a sitting is published no later than the next day. Unlike the procedure in many other parliaments, Danish MP’s do not approve the report before it is published, but they can complain if they feel misquoted. However, this happens very rarely. 

In the second edition, the text is proofread and corrected to ensure that text corresponds to the sound recording. The second edition is published after a few months.

Proofreading of parliamentary documents

Bills, committee reports and other parliamentary documents are proofread and linguistically revised by reporters before they are debated in the Chamber. Also, the daily order paper is proofread by reporters in the Folketing Hansard before it is published

Other tasks

Occasionally the Office of the Folketing Hansard writes verbatim reports of committee hearings. Once a year a small team – typically six reporters – write the report of speeches held in Danish during the annual plenary meeting of The Nordic Council.

Voice-to-text system – Edixi

The Office of the Folketing Hansard uses a transcription system called Edixi, which is based on the voice recognition programme SpeechMagic. The name Edixi is a contraction of ”edit” and the Latin word ”dixi”, which means ”I have spoken”.

The reporter listens to a take of approximately five minutes and then dictates an edited version. We call this process transediting.

A reporter in the Chamber makes time stamps and thereby creates a list of speeches that the transediting reporters use when they choose their sequences.

Digital records

Since 2009 The Official Report of the Parliament Proceedings has been only digital and not printed on paper. From 1997 to 2009 there was a printed edition as well as a digital one. The Office of the Folketing Hansard is currently planning to digitize The Official Report of the Parliament Proceedings all the way back from 1850 using the OCR scanning technique in order to make it searchable.

The Office of the Folketing Hansard’s website is This site has eight sections (tillæg):

Tillæg A:

  • Introductory remarks to bills
  • Bills
  • Proposals for parliamentary resolutions

Tillæg B:

  • Committees reports
  • Additional committees reports
  • Additions to committees reports
  • Additions to additional committees reports
  • Amendments
  • Statements from committees

Tillæg C:

  • Acts
  • Parliamentary resolutions

Tillæg D:

  • Introductory remarks to the fiscal bill
  • The fiscal bill
  • The Finance Committee’s report on the finance bill
  • The Finance Committee’s additional report on the finance bill
  • Amendments to the finance bill
  • The finance act

Tillæg E:

  • Bills introduced solely to the Finance Committee

Tillæg F:

  • The Official Report of the parliament proceedings

Tillæg G:

  • Interpellations and mininsters’ reports
  • Proposals to be passed (proposed after an interpellation debate)

Tillæg H:

  • Amended bills that are re-printed

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